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political science (political analysis)

The term 'globalisation' is commonly shorthand for 'globalising processes'. Privileging the verb rather than the noun form is a significant tactical move since we do not wish to convey the intuition that we comprehend globalisation in reified and simply naturalistic ways.
In Power: A Radical View Lukes define power rhetorically: "is it not the supreme and most insidious exercise of power to prevent people, to whatever degree, from having grievances by shaping their perceptions, cognitions and preferences in such a way that they accept their role in the existing order of things " (1974: 24).
Steven Lukes and William Connolly argued that the exercise of power must be, to some meaningful degree, the product of choice, because a normatively compelling definition must preserve the relation between power and responsibility. According to Lukes:
The reason why identifying [the exercise of power] involves the assumption that the exerciser(s) could have acted differently - and, where they are unaware of the consequences of their action or inaction, that they could have ascertained these - is that an attribution of power is at the same time an attribution of (partial or total) responsibility for certain consequences. (Lukes; 1974: 55-6)
Lukes' dimensions of power evidence points to the misrecognition of real interests by the majority of state actors on a ...
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Globalisation calls into question the adequacy of comparative politics and international relations as methods to understand the organization and exercise of power in social life. The growth of a global dimension of social relations can even cast doubt on the very project of political science and the academy's practice of disciplinary divisions more generally…
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