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International Law and Globalisation

Such is the economical imbalance, that unless there is a uniform law to protect the weaker states from discrimination, the world would turn into a battle ground. International borders are make-believe of the society that we belong to. It is this society that formulates laws to protect ourselves from perpetuators. In order to safeguard sovereignty and freedom, societies around the world joined together to enforce laws to bring equality and peace. How and why are these laws enacted We live in a world guarded by rules and laws designed by us (read society) to bring order and security to its members. Without these, the world would be one big battle field. The spread of weapons of mass destruction, global climatic changes, violent religious extremism, human rights violations, trade deficits, and others are all man made and still evident despite a new world order to reign in terrorism and human right violations (Porter, 2006).
International law is made by society for the benefit of society. Unless the world that we live in has laws to abide by, lawlessness would have cleansed this world of humanity. International law is, simply, the law of international society. ...
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In the words of a realist, International politics is a world free from all legal ad moral restraints, where the powerful, and the not so-powerful states possess the freedom to act in instinct, at their own leisure and liberty, and ultimately to use force with impunity (Dino Kritsiotis, Introduction, The power of law as international language).
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