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Persian Gulf Security

These three shaykhdoms literally had money to burn, and did. At the same time, they could not escape changing the government, the society, and the economy".1 From the years of pre-oil discovery to the present post 9/11 years the security issues concerning the Persian Gulf States have undergone a radical and conceptual change in the geo-political reality of the globe. Traversing temporally the issues of regional conflicts and supremacy to issues concerning partnering on either side of the iron curtain divide to support ideological hegemony and expansion; the Persian Gulf States have now emerged as independent, affluent, modernized nation states that are accountable both for their internal security to their own populations and responsible for their alleged and tacit cooperation to varying hues of terror activities globallyfor external security of the global population as evidenced by the 9/11 and subsequent events in London Bombings. With the drawing down of the iron curtain and emerging globalized world this accountability has been brought to sharper focus than ever before. ...
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Persian Gulf States have emerged out of the status of sleepy protectorates, inhabited by a few thousands of a particular tribe, of the British Empire to the status of one of the richest and most politically sensitive group of nation states. As Hurewitz (1972) writes, "This condition lasted into the 1930s, when the discovery of oil - gradually transformed the imperial-dependency relationship…
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