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System of Government

In the view of the aforesaid all the states by the system of government are divided in monarchies and republics.
In the given essay the republican form of board will be considered. Republic is the system of government, according to which the higher authority in the state belongs to elective bodies: to parliament and to president, which carry out the control over the government, there is also an independent justice and institutions of local governing.
The republican system of government was generated in the Athenian state. In the process of development of public life it changed, got new features, was more and more filled with the democratic essence.
Parliamentary republic is a version of the modern system of the state government when the supreme role in the organization of the state life belongs to parliament. In such republic the government is formed by parliamentary method from among the deputies belonging to those parties, who have the majority of voices in parliament. The government bears collective responsibility before the parliament. The government remains in power till they possess the majority in parliament. ...
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The system of government is an external expression of the essence of the state, caused by the structure and the legal status of organs of the government, i.e. the system of government is understood as the special organization of authority characterised by its formal source, that is who possesses authority in the given state…
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