Impact of Terrorism on Engineering Developments - Essay Example

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Impact of Terrorism on Engineering Developments

The number of educated and unemployed youth roaming in the corridors of the cities of many nations has brought much havoc to the social sectors. Activities like terrorism have thrived in these circumstances, where unemployed and highly educated youth, are hired by organizations that are having some deep rooted cause for going against the common accepted ways in the society. They represent a particular group of belief which makes their action more vulnerable to the group of other people or all other people who are in the society. The accepted method for them is to unrest the activities of the civilized society by make destructions to the life and developmental activities of the government. World has faced such major social disasters, and the attack and the destruction of World Trade Center in America was the very commonly known example for this. The impact of such violent activity leads to economic crisis in banking and industrial sectors, engineering and developmental set backs in the areas of communication and information sectors, social imbalances like unemployment, poverty, post terror trauma among women and children, etc.
The term "terrorism" comes from the Latin word terrere, "to frighten" via the French word terrorisme[1]. ...
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Terrorism is the most violent form of human actions suffered by the society worldwide during the last decade. Since the time of the start of globalization in 1990s, people around the world have suffered the impact of population explosion, unemployment, poverty and increased violence…
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