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Marshall Plan

The purpose of this essay is to examine how relevant the Marshall plan was to Western Europe's economic recovery.
The European continent had been devastated by the War. Most of them were battling with a series of issues. The continent was plagued with so many problems because the Second World War had been more expansive than the First World War. Industrial production was one of the key areas that had been affected by this war. This was largely as a result of the attack that nations had to face from aerial attacks. Some of the most developed cities in the continent urgently needed assistance. Berlin and London were such examples; also, there was an urgent need to look for mechanism of rebuilding other cities like Rotterdam that had been completely destroyed. (Bonds, 2000)
Agricultural matters were also exerting a lot of pressure on members of the European continent. After the war, many people could not access food because agriculture had been destroyed. Infrastructure was also another problem owing to the fact that bridges, roads and rails had been air struck thus leading to their overall damage. Also, the war had used up much of the treasures that these European countries had placed in store. Consequently, there was a need to look for a system in which they could deal with some of these problems.
It should also be noted that the Second World War had come after the F...
In the US States Department, Harry Truman became interested in luring very active foreign policy. However, the US Congress was not as enthusiastic as this leader was. In fact, at that time, the US Congress thought that Europe would look for their own solutions out of their economic crisis through the utilisation of their colonies. However, this was not to be. In fact, there were prolonged winters in the year 1947 such that the food situation become worse than it already was. The following concerns were prevalent on the continent at that time
Low exports
Low industrial production
Poor agricultural policies

These issues were so real in the lives of the Eastern Europeans. For instance, in the United Kingdom, the domestic demand for food was much higher than it could be sustained. In Germany, matters were even worse; homes lacked heating mechanisms and it became increasingly difficult for the population to feed itself. It had been reported that people in Germany were slowly dying. In Germany, trade was not going as it was supposed to because there were certain underlying problems. (Gimbel, 1976)

These problems propelled the Truman administration to re-examine its foreign policy towards Germany and also towards the rest of the European continent. This was instrumental for both the economic well being of the United States and also out of humanitarian attachments.

The Marshall Plan
In the period between 1949 to 1951, a substantial amount of financial aid was poured into the European economy as a direct result of the Marshall Plan which had been drafted in the United States. These finances reached a tune of thirteen billion dollars at that time. The latter sum was labelled as the European Recovery ...Show more


After the second world, war, Western Europe recorded one of the most astonishing economic recoveries in history. This was because the region moved from a period of turmoil and crisis during the war to booming economies afterwards. There were a number of occurrences that could have explained this rapid economic transition…
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Marshall Plan essay example
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