Nation State

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In a globalized world, the equations between nations and various agencies are changing almost on a daily basis spurred on by development in technology, increased ease and frequency of travel, and a worldwide media that is shrinking the world even further. In such an environment, it is but natural that the nature of human conflict would change as well, and political theory evolve to keep pace with it.


Our purpose is to determine the extent to which "new war" and "new terrorism"are responsible for state failure or "failed states", and to do this a clear definition and understanding of all the three terms is essential.
Failed states have been defined by various theorists differently. For the purposes of our discussion, we will consider the theories of "failure to deliver political goods" and "emerging anarchy". The author of books like State Failure and State Weakness in a Time of Terror, Robert I. Rotberg, has summarized the theory of "failure to deliver political goods" in these terms:
"Nation-states exist to deliver political goods-security, education, health services, economic opportunity, environmental surveillance, a legal framework of order and a judicial system to administer it, and fundamental infrastructural requirements such as roads and communications facilities-to their citizens. Failed states honor these obligations in the breach. They increasingly forfeit their function as providers of political goods to warlords and other non-state actors. ...
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