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Human Rights

These weapons they claimed, are the reason they launched an attack against Saddam a few years ago. But most importantly, the death sentence should provoke reflections on fundamental conceptual differences between peoples. We in the West take human rights for granted; we believe these are cherished ideals to be fought for, as they are the foundation of a robust democracy. On the other hand, in Islamic countries, libertarian values may not be as important. Order and religion is primordial, and individual rights must bend in favor of the stability of the State. We ask, which paradigm is more correct But perhaps the more crucial question to ask is: who is to say which paradigm is the more correct
In a sense, the quotation "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" does not necessarily have to refer to a particular man. In its broad sense, it refers to divergent paradigms and disparate value systems, and to take it one step further, the tragedy that is wrought when these systems collide.
This paper will discuss the conflict between Western perspective and Eastern perspective with regard to the crucial issu ...
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The oft-repeated statement that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" finds particular resonance in this day and age when conflicts and wars are wrought by differing ideological viewpoints. The execution of Saddam Hussein very recently signaled the end of a dictator who was responsible for the slaughter of several thousands and plunged his country into destitution and poverty, but it also highlighted the deep fracture in Iraq…
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