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Cold War

Soviet Union tried to empower communism all over the world while United States and its alliance supported many countries of the world to weaken the communism.
After the end of World War II, the Soviet unions decided to spread communism all over the world. The United States determined to stop the spread of Soviet power and communism. For this purpose it provided much financial support to its alliance. The alliances were democracies that were not in favor of communists too. Though they were not able to stop the spread of communism in Eastern Europe, the U.S and Britain were determined to preserve Western Europe from the reach of communists. In the World War II Soviet Union has gained much popularity in the West Europe due to the resistance against the Nazi forces. So there was a chance of election of communist parties in France and Italy. Harry Trumann was the first US president started to fight the cold War.
Britain was the first country that investigated for the nuclear weapons' development. In 1945, Britain was an activist world power. It possessed the second largest national navy, and its Empire-Commonwealth was genuinely global. ...
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The cold war started after Second World War. The main participants and the enemies were Soviet Union and United States. This war is said to be Cold War as during this war none of both countries directly attack on each other, never said directly even a single word…
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