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Intervene or not Intervene

Now the world leaders need to be more diplomatic and polite in dealing with other countries and leaders of the world in order to avoid any dispute. Since the September 11 attacks on the United States, most people in the world agree that the perpetrators need to be brought to justice, without killing many thousands of civilians in the process. But unfortunately, the U.S. military has always accepted massive civilian deaths as part of the cost of war. The military is now poised to kill thousands of foreign civilians, in order to prove that killing U.S. civilians is wrong. It is said in the media repeatedly that some Middle Easterners hate the U.S. only because of their "freedom" and "prosperity." Is it right? The U.S. deployed forces in the Persian Gulf after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, which turned Washington against its former Iraqi ally Saddam Hussein. U.S. supported the Kuwaiti monarchy and the Muslim fundamentalist monarchy in neighboring Saudi Arabia against the secular nationalist Iraq regime. In January 1991, the U.S. and its allies unleashed a massive bombing assault against Iraqi government and military targets, in intensity beyond the raids of World War II and Vietnam. Up to 200,000 Iraqis were killed in the war and its immediate aftermath of rebellion and disease, including many civilians who died in their villages, neighborhoods, and bomb shelters. The U.S. continued economic sanctions that denied health and energy to Iraqi civilians, who died by the hundreds of thousands, according to United Nations agencies. ...
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The U.S. intervention to different countries is interrupted in different way by various critics according to their perception about the world. It is no doubt that U.S. is known for its richness for natural wealth, technology superiority, and best democracy in the whole world. …
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