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international studies

People and states get more and more freedom in choosing their behaviour and the way of life in general, however everyone should understand that such freedom involves certain responsibilities.
Overall, Americans view globalization "as having a mixture of positive and negative elements, with the positive elements outweighing the negative ones. Positive responses to globalization vary from a plurality or small majority to a large majority depending on how globalization is defined in a given question"1.
An October 2005 poll by the German Marshall Fund simply asked "whether respondents have a favorable or unfavorable view of globalization. A plurality of 46% said they had a favorable view, while 36% said they had an unfavorable view. It is worth noting though that those who had a very unfavorable view (15%) were significantly greater than those who had a very favorable view (7%)"2. In PIPA's January 2004 poll, respondents "were given a very broad definition of globalization that included economics, communication, travel and culture. Then they were asked to rate globalization using a scale with zero being completely negative, ten being completely positive and five being equally positive and negative. The average response was 5.62, down a bit from when PIPA asked this question in October 1999 and found a mean response of 6.04"3.
In 2004 "40% rated globalization above 5, while just 19% rated ...
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Nowadays one can hardly find more topical and debatable theme than globalization. Dozens of conferences and symposiums, hundreds of books, thousands of magazine and newspaper articles are devoted to it. It is discussed and argued by scientists, politicians, businessmen, religious actors, people of art, journalists…
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