British Foreign Policy under Tony Blair

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British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been very controversial in defining his own foreign policy views based upon the pillars of International rule of law in handling the transatlantic relations with the European Union. It is under the supervision of Tony Blair that for the past 50 years the British Foreign Policy has always chosen to keep itself somewhere in between Europe and America and still Britain wants to shun from the situation where it has to choose regarding a transatlantic alliance between these two countries.


The goal of the United Kingdom, and of Blair, has been to act as a bridge between the United States and Europe, fostering dialogue between the two power blocs in the hopes of preserving the Atlantic alliance that has survived for 60 years. (Janelle Osmann)
As Blair is in a desperate need to prove himself as a world leader and establish himself as a peacemaker, he wants U.S instead of taking the matters emotionally, he must concentrate on the matter of pushing for a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Blair hopes that his support in Iraq will make America to think several times before making an attempt and to think seriously on expedition of a lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. Thus, by coordinating American efforts with E.U interests, Blair is aiming to narrow the trans-Atlantic lacuna and thrust himself back into the good graces of international diplomats. (Janelle Osmann)
Blair, being conscious in maintaining the balance between transatlantic alliance and EU possesses the view that conflict is created on the basis of a misunderstanding. ...
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