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International Relations in Future

Yet, it is projected, that the basic construct of the international relations will have the same foundations, as it has today. Concepts of realism, liberalism and constructivism are among the most popular in the world of politics today. Understanding the future of the world in line of the same concepts would seem apposite, henceforth.
Viewing the world in 2031, the first thing that may come to mind would be the national interest of the countries. Although the total number of countries may well have changed drastically, yet the basic reason why they keep forming and breaking would be the same - the primary interest of each and every one of them. The power struggle would nonetheless still be there, although in quite a different from. Countries would probably take form as 'cyber-states', wherein the interest of the countries would not be till the geographical/political borders, but actually to every nook and corner of the universe till where their electronic influence is involved. This would involve the extensive use of satellite warfare, and even wars over the territory in space! Not gold, not uranium, but the silicon chip will be the most sought after resource, and instead of weapons of mass destructions, a fatal electronic bug would be able to wipe out the entire defenses of the enemy.
The concept of liberalism would also be very much in vogue. ...
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From the rapid growth in every conceivable domain that man has achieved only in the past decade, it seems bizarre the extent to which the limits may have transgressed in 25 years. Referring to international relations in particular, the world map never seizes to evolve, and the elements of history and geography both seem consistently challenged…
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