Going Public Strategy from Reagan to Bush - Essay Example

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Going Public Strategy from Reagan to Bush

Bush. Through these twenty years we have seen this science developed to such an extent that we have to ask whether it is public opinion that shapes presidential initiatives or presidential initiatives that shape public opinion in the United States.
Going public can be defined as the president making a conscious appeal for support to the nation as a whole. Major public addresses allow Presidents to speak to the American public on national primetime television and can have the added affect of driving up their popularity on polls.
Richard Nuestadt once claimed, "we have not so much a government of separated powers as a government of separated institutions sharing powers" (qtd Hendrick (1988) p. 15). Since George Washington first stepped into office American presidents have had to pass their initiatives through Congress. The high hopes Presidents have when they come to office can quickly be smashed by a majority of the opposing party in either house. As a result of this, Presidents have to use various means to help them in their quest for passing bills through Congress. ...
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When we think of the President of the United States the terms 'constitutional limits' and 'congressional powers' don't often come to mind. What we see, and what is often projected to us in the media, is a person with as limitless a power as you can find in a democratically run country…
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