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Democracy Master

Democracy is a form of government in which people exercise political power. It has been defined in terms of "sources of authority for government, purposes served by government, and procedures for constituting a government" (Huntington 1991, p. 6). Democracy has been a thriving governmental and political concept in the past and even at present, replacing old remnants of monarchy that for a long time, constituted the social and economic lives of people. Democracy has changed how people deal with social patterns, particularly on their awareness of political, economic, and individual rights, which were unknown concepts prior to its conception (Rueschemeyer et al., 1991). The dynamism of democracy has apparently transformed various social institutions such as government, religion, trade, and education. Not only is the capacity of people to participate in political affairs covered by it, but also the reinforcement of their natural rights (Huntington 1991). Democracy has indeed become a guideline on how states can best manage the conduct of their affairs.
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The discussion embodied in this paper is directed toward the concept of democracy as a form of government and as a procedure for effectuating liberty and various forms of rights. The discussion is primarily centered towards the political, social, and personal implications of democracy, which this paper is able to identify critically as having a direct connection to the capitalist system with which democracy is compatible…
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Democracy Master Essay essay example
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