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Migration Policy of United Kingdom

The applicant work experience, higher academic achievement such as a bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees, English language ability which requires that an applicant should have a bachelors degree taught in English - will be given more merits and consideration. Migrants must also pass the International English Language Testing System requirement. The government will also deem the employment of illegal workers a criminal offence carrying a punishment of up to two years imprisonment. The new system also calls for the termination of 'chain migration', which means that there will be no instantaneous rights for a family member to bring in more relatives into the country. In addition, the new rules call for the automatic termination of right for residency for some categories of migrants and calls for an introduction of new mechanisms for an enhanced migration control.
Although research on migration suggests that economic migration had given the UK economic advantage as migration is not detrimental to employment opportunities or responsible for depressing wages, some policymakers contended that the low cost of labour only benefited employers, but not the unskilled workers, composed mainly of many migrant workers. Immigration to the United Kingdom has increased considerably during the previous and the current decade. ...
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The Home Office for the United Kingdom has announced recently that it will be radically revising the overall immigration structure of the country and many changes will be implemented soon which include more stringent rules and regulations in migration policies…
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