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While often citing Allah and the Holy Quran, these anti-social elements have put the entire Islamic community on defensive.
Though there are Muslim leaders, who have often expressed their opinions against the campaigns carried out by such groups, but it failed to have much impact as there were some others, who have also been assisting the terror elements. The lack of unity amongst the Islamic nations has further aggravated the problem. Many countries in the Gulf nations are economically well off and are the key suppliers of oil to the world community in general. But the fact that these countries are dependent on Europe or America for needs like defence and other strategic requirements. This has compelled Crown Prince Abdullah to come out with a call for unity amongst the Islamic world. The leader with a modern and broad outlook has been trying to emphasise that the Islamic world must use afflictions and catastrophes as opportunities and challenges for making a self scrutiny.
The key objective of the document is to seek unity amongst the Islamic nations, to review the happening that are taking place in the name of Islam to find out ways and means for repairi ...
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The document is the script of the speech delivered by HRH Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz during the 22nd Summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council meeting in Muscat (Oman) on December 30, 2001. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) aims to strengthen the levels of cooperation amongst the Gulf nations while trying to forge a united alliance to face challenges from elsewhere.
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