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Many countries, including the United States and others have had a hand in peacekeeping missions. The United Nations would be the guiding force for such peacekeeping missions in an effort to foster democratic peace worldwide.
Operational law should be the governing force behind Peacekeeping Operations. One very important aspect of peacekeeping operations would be obtaining a clarified definition of the specific peacekeeping mission. A Peacekeeping Operation can often be described as any unilateral or multilateral intervention into the civil affairs of a foreign country designed to give a more secure and stable atmosphere, support constitutional processes, provide protection for citizens and facilitate repatriation processes for refugees. Peacekeeping operations also facilitate the capacity toward supporting provisional or interim governments and setting the stage for arrival of multinational forces.
In this paper the first section deals with the various types of peacekeeping missions, the second section defines the term 'peacekeeping' and third section would specify the nature, cause and importance of local knowledge to the success of peacekeeping operations followed by a conclusion where the entire topic is summed up.
There in fact would be several different kinds of Peacekeeping Operati ...
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The focal point of this paper is to analyze and understand the need of local knowledge and customs while ensuring peace in a certain region. We would identify the problems arising due to lack of local knowledge regarding geographical terrains, religious faith and social customs and try to incorporate logical conclusions or solutions to them.
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