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Immigrant Policies in America

Immigration in modern day America is just as strong as it was when America was formed. Initiations by the American government such as the green card lottery are a means of attracting fresh faces to this already diverse country. The immigration debate is one of the biggest in America. Some native-born Americans forget that their ancestors were once immigrants and tend to harbor hostility towards new immigrants while others are more accepting. It is obvious that Americans have mixed feelings about immigration but many do not realize that immigrants also share mixed feelings about starting a new life in America.
Modern day America is often referred to as a melting pot in which many different nations and people blend together to form a unique culture. Although this picture of America seems ideal, it is far from realistic. Immigrants who leave their home countries in order to come to America are sometimes left feeling out of place and confused. Immigrants are not sure how to balance their old culture with the new American culture. For example, Muslim immigrants who wear the traditional hajib often feel as though they are discriminated against thus are forced to conceal their true identity this leads them to "refrain from participating in practices or adopting dress that would make them appear different from the average citizen" (Smith).On a more positive note, as immigrants begin to live in America for a longer period, they are able to establish their own cultural identities and balance their two worlds. ...
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The purpose of this paper "Immigrant Policies in America" is to identify if these words are still relevant today as they were 100 years ago and to examine the pros and cons of the modern day immigration experience in America…
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