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Political Science - Postmodernism

The essay "Political Science - Postmodernism" analyzes postmodernism era and political science. Postmodernism is a term which was initially encountered a decade or more ago and was at that time associated with current developments in the arts and architecture. Gradually the term's usage spread to other cultural spheres and a variety of academic disciplines. A voluminous literature now exists and numerous efforts have been made to interrelate postmodernism among diverse disciplines. In general, postmodernism is a cultural development with spin-offs in political science. There is no simple description of postmodernism. It is a dissenting voice levelled at the claims of the Enlightenment tradition and what is understood as the period of modernity embarked upon with the emergence of capitalism, industrial society, the nation-state, and the cultural turn toward individualism. In philosophy, postmodernism announces a "vigorous denunciation of abstract reason and deep aversion to any project that sought universal human emancipation through mobilization of the powers of technology, science, and reason". As Harvey further explains, the confidence in the association between scientific and moral judgments has collapsed, aesthetics has triumphed over ethics as a prime focus of social and intellectual concerns, images dominate narratives, ephemerality and fragmentation take precedence over eternal truths and unified politics, and explanations have shifted from the realm of material and political-economic groundings. ...
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The essay investigates Postmodernism in the context of political science. The mushrooming of post-isms has gotten so out of hand that it can be suggested that we make a serious effort to go beyond all of this by developing the "post post-ism" paradigm…
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