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This paper seeks to highlight industrialization in its entirety paying a closer look at the early and late industrialization. Further, the paper tries to compare the level of industrialization of countries such as the US, Germany, China, Japan, Soviet Union and the UK with special emphasis on the factors that could have brought these countries that far. The present industrial status is also looked at in terms of commerce, education and the general social welfare in these countries.
Industrialization may be construed to refer to the process of both social and economic change that sees a society move from a pre-industrial to a fully industrial society. Actually, sometimes modernization is considered as a result of industrialization except that apart from industrialization modernization may be as a result of a synergy between economic development and social change. When these two, economic development and social change, are closely related to innovation, then the result is great modernization often identifiable through industrialization. ...
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Industrialization has brought the superpowers the modernization they enjoy today. There has been enough literature that highlights the factors that aid industrial modernization and the general development of enterprises. Some of these factors include but are not limited to the favourable political and legal environment for commerce and industry, abundance of natural resources, sufficient supply of cheap skilled labour among other factors…
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