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Manageing Homeland Security

terrorism provokes deep fear and insecurity -- more than other forms of violence. Terrorists strike innocent civilians, often randomly, and without warning. We think we can protect ourselves against other forms of violence, but we feel defenseless against terrorists. ..Terrorists know this, and they seek to use intimidation to impose their political or other agendas. Killing is only a means to that end. By creating fear and panic, terrorists try to extort concessions or to weaken and discredit governments by showing they are unable to protect their citizens.
Thus, emergency management is the coordination of a city-wide cooperative involvement to ensure the entire safety of that community. Such events that could arise that this committee would be called upon would be natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. and other disasters such as terrorism as has been mentioned prior.
As the Emergency ...
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Though it may be considered trite to say that the post-terrorism world is one in which the issues of democracy are becoming fixated on fear, it is most definitely a veracious statement. In maintaining progressive thinking working for IPPR, it is most behooving to state that a democracy in fear is one that is not in control, as Walter Laqueur (February, 1997) states in his articles, Post-Modern Terrorism, "The terrorist of the future will be less ideological, more likely to harbor ethnic grievances, harder to distinguish from other criminals, and a particular threat to technologically advanced societies." Thus, as the Emergency Management Coordinator in order to respond to terrorism during p…
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