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Globalisation and Americanisation

The exponent of Marxists understand that world trade is the strategy of world division of labour is established under capitalism. From the point of potentially that division of labour can make easier every country to grow faster. We have to take advantage of that world division of labour to help the world's poor. Unfortunately, the division of labour imposed upon the less developed countries by the imperialist powers with a view to perpetuates them in the position of yoke of slavery.
It's true that capitalism is a global dispensation. The globalisation expedites its exploitation of the world market given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country. According to the economic statistician Angus Madison, from 1820 to 1997 National Income per head (the best indicator of the standard of living) rose nineteen times over in the advanced countries. In the less developed countries the increase was just 5.4 times over. With the introduction of globalisation, the gap between rich and poor nations grew ever wider. It's getting worse. According to the World Bank's 'World Development Report' average income in the richest twenty counties is 37 times as high as in the poorest and the gap has doubled in the past twenty years. At present 1.3 billion humans subsist on $1 per day or less. These people are in absolute poverty, and there are nearly 100 million more of them than ten years ago. ...
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According to US commentators, Globalisation is strategically a successful manoeuvre for redemption of existing system. They emphasise a new era of unique opportunity which is opening up before the world US and his mates. The whole world is moving to the global capitalism…
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