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UK Welfare Reform Bill

It instead encourages them to work hard and earn their own income (Meyer and Sullivan, 2004).
The bill compels all the people who claim benefits to follow an employment advisor's directions or sanctions be placed on their benefits. This is in order to ensure that any benefits claims are made in the right way. These new conditions are meant to ensure that only deserving people are considered for benefits.
This bill proposes that beneficiaries work for their benefits through some sort of a workfare with a labor rate of about '1.73 hourly for 35 hours every week. This bill further proposes the piloting of this workfare and its subsequent rollout without any further primary legislation.
The workfare clause of the bill has attracted a lot of criticism from various quarters who have proposed various amendments to the clause. The UK Department of Welfare and Pensions has refuted any claims of workfare increasing the likelihood to find work. The department particularly notes that workfare is not effective in getting jobs for people, especially in jurisdictions of weak labor markets that have a high rate of unemployment. The department also faults the bill's effectiveness in for individuals who have numerous barriers to work. ...
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The UK Welfare Reform Bill was introduced in the UK parliament on January 14, 2009. It was aimed at streamlining the UK social welfare in order to make it more effective and efficient. The bill introduces a number of changes into the already existing social welfare laws (Driver, 2009).
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