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Green Politics

Green politics began its earliest cruise in the form of the Green Party that was formed in 1980. This party began as a third party that follows a broad political ideology of global justice and preservation of the ecology. This was followed by a worldwide spurt of similar green parties. In Australia, the same decade saw the birth of the Green Australia Party. It came from the Franklin River Dams campaign during the 1980s which proposed to address issues like peace and democracy at the grassroots level. (
Britain soon followed suit with environmental politics high on its list of priorities. With a formal panel of 'green' advisors, Britain's green political movement has addressed issues that basically have to do with the environment more than anything else. Meanwhile, in Canada, the Green Party of Quebec took off in the 1980s to address issues like ecological preservation and other issues in the same vicinity. (
These parties have made a point in a world where limited resources and unchallenged use of the same are coming under fire. They have managed to have a representation in governments apart from drawing attention to causes in the form of a place of priority on worldwide agendas. (
One of the most basic features of green politics that makes it neithe ...
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With an eye on the "seven generation" foresight agenda, green politics is an amalgamation of ideologies that serve to take welfare policies to the next level. Drawing from ideologies that have come from an essentially ethical stand in terms of teachings from heavy weights of the world's basic political terrain like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Spinoza and various others.
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