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Far Right Wing Politics

The most common examples of Radical right-wing parties success can be seen where they have managed to combine a strong appeal to anti-establishment ressentiments with an equally strong claim to democratic reform or renewal. The most prominent case is the FPO, which has consistently promoted itself as 'the driving force behind the political renewal of Austria', seeking to bring about an 'Austrian cultural revolution with democratic means' which would lead to the overthrow of the ruling class and the intellectual caste. (Turner, 1975) Italian Fascism and German National Socialism are characterized by sharing the common aspects of totalitarianism; followed by supremacy of a leader, an exclusive ideology, a single mass party, a monopoly of communications media and education, and a secret police and terror apparatus. ...
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Today, the threat of fascism no longer comes from a terrorist, and imperialist government in lieu of making wars upon its minorities and neighbours, it appears from right wing, racist vigilantes, who possess, a passive police force and judiciary. Right-Wing politics in Europe is characterized by extreme racism which manifests itself in the areas of discrimination and social exclusion in the labour market, in segregation, in the housing market, in unequal opportunities in the educational system, in marked differences in general health and well-being between migrant categories and majority populations and in differential access to power and influence…
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