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British Empire

It is a trusteeship under what Lord Lugard has strikingly called a "dual mandate" in colonial government (Williams, Gwyn A., 1980). For it entails not only a compulsion to develop the territory in the interests of a world economy but the fortification of the native inhabitants from the too atrocious impact of contact with extremely geared industrial civilizations.
An analysis into the success of the British Empire in dealing with this most annoyed problem has astonishing interest to all colonizing powers. The consideration of the world has been focused with atypical intensity for that reason on the East Coast of Africa, now almost completely British, either through direct control or under League Mandate. There the white settlement, from which West Africa has been secure by its climate, is probable in the high uplands of Kenya, in parts of Tanganyika and Nyassaland, and perhaps on down to the Union of South Africa, on the island peaks of high plateau country such as an increase as one goes south through the Rhodesias. Over the entire area Cecil Rhodes' dream of a white African empire for England is being fought out between the Colonial Office's policy of constraint and the stubborn nationalism of the Union of South Africa. ...
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The presence of the profit intent serves today as an influential aid; it is true, for Indian agitators in dishonoring the sincerity of British trusteeship. To the British Raj, Mahatma Gandhi, opposes his "soul force" in a struggle none the less impressive for being typically nonviolent…
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