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UN and Internal conflicts of the 1990s

Mostly those that have undergone civil strife within the warring factions in the local communities were given humanitarian relief instead of striving towards the achievement of peace through peacekeeping and peacebuilding missions, especially due to ethnic and cultural conflicts.
Brahm (2005) mentions that the lack of central authority in nations that experienced tragic deaths due to ethnic and cultural conflicts makes it difficult for the UN to act, when it is in fact the UN that should already serve as the main central authority. Brahm also cites that the UN is known to act towards existing crises, not preventing them. He continues to note that although the UN Secretary-General at the time of post by Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Kofi Annan was effective in extending a diplomatic hand in negotiations and interventions without the requirement of the Security Council's go-signal, it is still the Security Council who is main executor of resolutions and actions that will pursue missions. ...
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To answer this question we must fully understand what internal conflicts occurred during the 1990s and determine the UN's efforts to alleviate situations in the afflicted nations. Being an intergovernmental organization, generally the UN was involved in the monitoring of demilitarized zones, monitoring of borders, peace building (such as the prevention of a possible civil war), ceasefire (pressing civil warm, restoration of order), transition to new government (including elections), and humanitarian aid (relief)…
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