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Essay example - Neo-imperialism

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New Imperialism spans from 1870-1914 and is greatly motivated by economic factors (Henry, 2006). New Imperialism is a "policy and ideology of imperial colonial expansion" that describe the expansion activities of Europe, the United States and Japan in the latter part of the 19th century to the early part of the 20th century ("New Imperialism", 2006, para…

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Neo-imperialism is not considered just a resurgent of imperialism but is considered as separate and distinct subject.
To understand neo-imperialism, it is essential to valuate its validity as either a political or economic phenomenon. Many of the activities and strategies employed in neo-imperialism resulted to or were caused by political measures to preserve influence and power in the home regions of the nation involved. Marxist and socialist critics point out the underlying economic motivation driving imperialistic movements. Regardless of the stated and actual motivations, neo-imperialism both has political and economic rationales. This paper aims to evaluate whether neo-imperialism is a political or economic phenomenon by evaluating its origins and consequences. In doing so, the paper will provide not only an understanding of neo-imperialism as a phenomenon but also provide insight into its current influence in the global arena.
Imperialism refers to the political domination by one group of another through. The term was coined to denote the expansion activities to claim the territories of the new world: predominantly of European countries into the Americas, Asia and Africa. It thrives between 1450-1650 but went into decline during the Age of Metternich1 and resurged again to give rise to neo-imperialism (Henry, 2006).
According to Vladimir ...
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