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Imperial Power and the Post-Colony

The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature and extent of these changes within the broader context of the politics and theoretical understanding of the imperial age.
Essentially, economic interests drove the colonial relationship between the imperial power and the colony, where the flow of capital was from the latter to the former. Indeed, by 1900, the forces had capital had pervaded the global economic process so deeply that it was difficult to imagine a time when an economy was still local and driven by consumption and not profit. The Industrial Revolution in 18th century Britain has placed it at the pinnacle of global economic power; Britain used this economic prowess to fuel its military might and develop the most formidable navy in the world, utilizing it with telling effect to colonize more than half of the planet (Zakaria 2008: 167-171).
It is important to understand that the colonial hierarchy was maintained not only by force but also by the superior technology of the West, which was able to absorb and reap the benefits of the Industrial Revolution. ...
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The age of imperialism saw a handful of European powers - namely Great Britain, France, Spain, The Netherlands, and Belgium - armed with sophisticated and powerful navies extend their dominion across (most of) the rest of the world. International history took on a new course as the colonial era saw the imposition of European rule over territories as distinct as South Africa and erstwhile Siam (Thailand) to countries as geographically distant as Mexico and India…
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