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Just War Theory

This involves the issue of using armed forces when it is right to do so. Just war defines war as a situation where parties have to fight back basing on various conditions. This includes having a just cause. This means that parties need to have just reasons for going to war. (DeForrest, 1997)
Through out history human beings have continued to engage in war at different times for different reasons. Human beings have used war as a method of solving conflicts, yet, at the same time, war have been condemned by human beings as unnecessary. Accordingly, though war has been a continued to be part of human history, human beings have always tried to reduce the extent of war by which the war may be fought. (DeForrest, 1997)
Over the past, the question of when is war "justified" and which methods are suitable in a war has raised a vast deal of assessment. The great examination of the question has lead to the concept of just war to try and explain the when military action is justified. Just war theory has been accepted in many countries as way in which just war may be determined.
According to Wells (1996) he argues that war is justified if it is fought in reaction to aggression. The aggression can be directed to another state or towards a region of another state, threatening the political independence of that particular state.
Despite the diverse sources in formulation of just war theory, it basically has ...
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According to just war, specific war can be justified or classified as just if it meets certain conditions. Just war defines war as a war that is really against military aggression or its threat. It also refers to intentional threat that is serious in nature…
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