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The Political Economy of Modern Iran

Today he is an economist, historian, political scientist and literary critic specialized in Iranian studies. He has written a number of books on Iranian history, economy, culture and politics.
The Political Economy of Modern Iran is a well structured and written study into the economy and politics of a country with a rich, but troubled, legacy. This book is the result of a compression of a number of works into one single volume, thus giving the book an intensity usually attributed to journal articles. Katouzian condensed works together so that they could "offer a framework for the solution of past, present and future problems".2
Katouzian stresses that The Political Economy of Modern Iran is a study of Iranian 'politiconomic' development rather than an economic and political history of modern Iran or a historical study of the Iranian political economy (Katouzian 1981, 1). The book is divided into four distinct parts. The first part gives a broader historical and theoretical perspective on the topic, which is essential for understanding the book as a whole. The second part describes the period: 1921-41. This era began with the rise of Rez Khn and ended with the abdication of Rez Shah. ...
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Published in 1981, The Political Economy of Modern Iran - despotism and pseudo-modernism, 1926-1979, by Homa Katouzian, is an in-depth look at the economic and political conditions in Iran between 1926 and 1979. The book outlines the history of Iran in the Pahlavi era and is dedicated to the memory of Mohammed Mossadeq, Iran's Prime Minister in the early 1950s…
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