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On the contrary, the intervention to these countries has caused chaos and disorder. This statement can possibly be denied by the explanation that the war was not the absolutely desirable way out to stabilize situation in the country, and was actually aimed at creating new society with democratic values, but the fact that presence of the terrorist organizations was only suspicion, and it is yet not understood, after so many years of war, whether this war was the best solution for the problems which existed between the two countries. It has caused deaths of thousands people of the common population but has not yet reached its goal of destroying terrorist groups. Thus, suspicion is not enough to start and hold wars. Thus, we come to another argument against wars - innocent people mostly become the victims of the political games, which often turn into wars.
Modern times represent us with the new kinds of wars, which countries and peoples can have against each other, starting from physical (military), and ending with the informational and oil (gas) wars. The issue of the innocent people is more related to the fact when one speaks about military actions.
'While the image of bombers flying over Afghanistan and bombing a peopl ...
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The aim of the work is to discuss the arguments against war. It should be admitted, that despite the recent campaigns for leading wars in different parts of the world, war itself is absolutely negative phenomenon, though in order to prove its negativity the arguments should be discussed in the more details.
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