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A third viewpoint has arisen recently which combines views of both the groups and debates that torture can in some extreme emergencies be morally justified, however it should not be legalized or institutionalized.
As per the definition of torture, it involves some practices like using electric shocks, cutting some body parts, using hot iron, administrating severe pain, depriving of food, water and sleep for days together or beating. All this includes physically assaulting a person by the torturer by having a control over the person. The person who is being tortured is defenceless and also not agreeable to such assault. Apart from these, extreme mental assault can also be considered torture. However, the extent of it and consent of the person being tortured to brand the assault as torture is well arguable. On the other hand, it might be argued that some cases of intentional infliction of extreme mental suffering on non-consenting, defenceless persons are cases of torture, whereas some instances are not.
According to an article on Torture by Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy published in February, 2006, "In various national and international laws, e.g. ...
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There has been extensive debate on the issue of torture and its moral permissibility. There have been requests on banning cruel treatment and torture of prisoners of war. With respect to what is torture, there have been varied philosophical views from Michael Davis (2005) and David Sussman (2005)…
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