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Chinas Threats

Finally, the effects of these threats must be evaluated. Many believe that the four most important issues regarding this question are 1) population 2) economic 3) military and 4) technology. While these areas are easily justified, the real reason behind the threat is somewhat unclear. This is largely because China, as an international role player, has no known or declared objectives. Thus, in order to have a basic idea on China's immediate and future plans, one must look back in history and decipher China's policies and ideals. In the 1960s, according to Okabe (1968), China's medium-range objectives consist of the following: promotion of world revolution and acquisition of resources, markets and territories; bolstering national security primarily against the American "threats;" and asserting its role in the international community.
Although the ideals of a world revolution are hard to discern in the current objectives of China, at that time, it was apparent that its leaders valued the importance of promoting world revolution to obtain lasting peace. Related to this is the aim of achieving self-reliance as manifested by the need to add territories, markets and resources. Self-reliance entails capability of protecting a nation internally and externally thus fortifying national security is a logical step. ...
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The debate on the nature, extent and effects of the rising China threat to its neighbors and to the whole world has been brewing and continues to grow as the nation rears its powerful head through continued industrialization, modernization and globalization…
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