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Soviet Union during Gorbachev Presidency

By the late 80s, if the cold war was becoming a major limitation for the Soviet Union, the US administration was also getting cognizant of the constraints being posed by that icy conflict. Thus a thorough understanding of the decline of the Soviet Union during the Gorbachev era raises many hitherto unexpected issues (Dukes, 1993). Therefore the onus for the decline of the Soviet Union both before and after Gorbachev needs to be interpreted in the context of the socio-economic, political and cultural changes that defined the Soviet Union in 1991.
Communism was as much an economic and social doctrine as a political strategy. It is really surprising to note that the Bolsheviks primarily came to power by riding on a band wagon of simple economic promises that is the extension of food, clothing and shelter to the suffering masses (Sviderskii, 1930). Hence the demise of the Soviet Union was as much a failure of the Communist economic model, as a victory of the Western democratic and capitalist ideals.
The Gorbachev era was the culmination of a long history of disastrous economic policies pursued by the successive soviet regimes over the decades. ...
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The decline of the Soviet Union in the early 90s has definitely ushered in a dilemma into the realm of historical understanding. Should the decline of Soviet Union ought to be interpreted as a direct outcome of the military dominance ushered in by the Regan administration or were the reasons for Soviet demise embedded deep into the political, economic and cultural framework of this ex-superpower Understanding the decline of Soviet Union poses some utterly tough challenges to the contemporary historians…
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