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Essay example - East European and Russian Foreign Policy

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In recent years the relations between EU and Russia has been more baffling than we could possibly imagine. Europe has lost its strategic loadstar. Having absorbed 27 countries, Europe is in state of dilemma regarding expansion or regarding the issue of dealing with Russia…

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Russia is no exception. We all know that Soviet bloc was split in 1991 and soviet era republics became independent. Not to mention the fact that some countries which has the Russian flair in its growth and development have suddenly became free and have joined EU. These East European Countries have led to core formation of European Union. Thus it was soon understood that Russia has lost some of its key allies in process and that it finds itself in isolation both in terms of geographic and political platforms.
Another fact is that these East European countries have displeasure with what Soviet Union has treated them. The ideologies were different and there was resentment in these countries over the rule of Soviet Union. Also the eastern bloc was not too happy with the way military section was withdrawn from those places. Factually speaking as the times moved the ideological differences grew so high that though they had same set of language and culture, they were in fact poles part in government If we talk about relations with Europe then we can say there were issues which actually have affected the relationship between them. The enlargement of NATO, the wars in the Balkan region and more importantly the agenda of the EU were the main issues. Apart from these the internal issues of Russia have become a significant factor of relations between them.
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