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A Symbolic Look at Hillary Rodham Clinton

There are some who fear strong woman, while there are also those who revere them. The question is should someone like Hillary Rodham Clinton be celebrated for her intellect and accomplishments, or should she not and for whatever reason
Mrs. Clinton for arguments sake is a very strong willed and determined person who knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. In reading personal biographies of her it can be assessed that she came from a strict upbringing in Chicago, and would ultimately finish out her education at Yale Law school where she would meet the future President of the United States William J. Clinton. Ms. Rodham at the time was probably what you would have called a 'traditional Yankee', while her soon to be husband was what most would call a "southern boy". Both exhibiting strong brains and wills, these two would join together and form one of the most powerful political relationships in modern history. During the course of their marriage Mrs. Clinton would stand by her husband as he served as such things like Governor of Arkansas, and then the ultimate prize of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Observers of Hillary can note that the most important role to her is that of mother to their daughter Chelsea who turned 25 in February of 2005.
Mrs. Clinton has come to be known for her positives, as well as her negatives. ...
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Often times during the course of her husband's Presidency, Mrs. Clinton was revered as a powerful, driving force for her husband, his ideals, and the future of the country. Some feared her as being too powerful, while others tended to feel that she was not powerful enough…
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