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Human Rights and Rule of Law

Do human rights really exist How can human rights be understood and justified. And what is the purpose of the rule of law The following study is purposed to analyze the practical understanding of the concept of human rights in different countries and whether the fundamentals of this concept are universally observed and agreed upon.
Rights are creations of human consciousness. Today the existence of human rights has assumed paramount importance for the advance of society. Human right can exist as a shared norm of actual human moralities, as a justified moral norm supported by strong reasons, as a legal right at the national level, or as a legal right within international law. Enactment in national and international law is one of the ways in which human rights exist. But many have suggested that this is not the only way. If human rights exist only because of enactment, their availability is contingent on domestic and international political developments. However there are certain rights which are somehow innate and inherent in human beings- the right to life, the right to food, liberty and to formal equality as pressed by the rules of natural justice. ...
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The definitions for human rights in the world of today are so illustrious and extravagant that we may be forced to assume and understand that we are living in an era of greatest order of human rights comprised of justice, freedom and civility. However the trueness of these definitions can certainly be scrutinised given the dynamic state of political ideologies in existence and the compromising tendencies in human behaviour…
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