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UK Central Government

Most such departments are led by ministers and the ministers are accountable to parliament and have to report on the progress of their department. Certain non-ministerial posts may also be given to people heading certain departments1.
This essay will deal with the role of the governments, both local and central and examine to what extent the local governments are dependent on central government. Is there an issue of performance scrutiny Are the local governments completely controlled by the central government2 These are issues that will be discussed is some detail.
The ministers are in charge of government departments and are known as secretaries of state. They are members of the cabinet and carry out duties that the Prime Minster allots to them. Certain holders of traditional offices may have no departmental duties. Ministerial responsibility refers to both the collective responsibility for government policy and actions which ministers share, and to the ministers' individual responsibility for the work of their own departments. Collective responsibility implies that ministers should support government decisions and policies once they have been made and strictly implement those policies.
Departmental ministers must agree with government policies as a whole so ministers are either expected to support or resign ( on Central govt, 2005). ...
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Within the UK, the role of the central government and government agencies is to implement policies and advise the ministers. The central government works in association with local governments and councils, local authorities, non-departmental public bodies, and other government-sponsored organisations…
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