Globalization and Technology

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One of the big supports to globalization is the technology that enables people from different geographic parts of the world to connect and communicate clearer. In a larger scale this is referred to as information and communication technologies. Nowadays, this includes sophisticated gadgets such as the computer and the internet, cell phones and PDA phones and a myriad of new handy technologies to come.


Electricity is seen to be a radical technology in three ways: "First, it was closely related to scientific activity, as no technology had been beforeThe second characteristic of electrical technology was its generic nature. An example of this generic nature is the fact that electric power was used as an input for a range of industries, as well as playing an important role in the emergence of the chemicals industry which introduced completely new products and processes of production. Third, the generation of electricity used different inputs (steel and coal) from earlier technologies, thereby encouraging the growth of these sectors as well" (Simonetti,337-375). The rise of the two countries USA and Germany started in this revolution.
"By the end of the nineteenth century, Britain had a well-developed educational system, a system of production based on family firms, a financial market developed around the financing of trade and large investments (joint stock companies), a strong patent system, and an empire of colonies that could serve as markets for its growing industry. ...
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