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Globalisation and International Relations

The study of international relations as a theory is based on a model that helps in the analysis of international relations. However the theories of international relations can take different approaches based on constructivist, liberalist or realist perspectives. Liberalism would emphasise only the advantages of globalisation arguing for the need of open and free market policy. Some economists and political analysts have argued that neo liberal support for globalisation increases the power of multinational corporations leading to capitalist societies and greater divisions between the rich and poor even at the expense of democracy and balanced ecosystems. Yet as many would claim despite the negative effects and fears of losing cultural sovereignty to effects of globalisation and internationalisation, globalisation do change societies and help cultures to move forward towards economic growth as could be clearly indicated from the two major emerging economies of Asia, including India and China.
Considering theoretical perspectives, Anievas (2005) discusses theories of IR and goes into the detail pf Habermasian social theory to understand ...
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The essay explores the economic and political implications of globalisation, highlighting the role of international trade and multinational companies in shaping international relations. The social and political implications of globalisation seem to be the focus of the study of international relations and would determine whether globalisation has made the world more peaceful or united in any way…
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