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Creation is the responsibility of God and human beings have no business to entertain ideas of artificial creation, known as cloning. The process of creation is a never ending process and has no beginning or ending. The advocates of cloning are challenging the very basics of creation and their actions will lead to disastrous consequences on the future of humanity…


We reiterate our stand that cloning is against our social ethics and moral principles and equals to questioning God (Yaro's article, third Para ). The advocates of cloning will one day be punished by the God. We promise you that, if voted to power, we will bring a permanent Federal Law banning the practice of cloning through a Bill in the Congress which has failed to pass despite its introduction several times in the past. ( Laws on human cloning, third Para ).
Cloning indicates the scientific advancement man has achieved over the years and stands as a tall witness for the supremacy of science. The creation of Dolly (The first successful clone of a sheep, first Para.) was only a first step in the right direction the scientific community had moved in the area of cloning. The advocates of its ban have no right to talk of ethics and morals as these issues are not their exclusive domains. One wants to know how cloning affects the tradition, morals and ethics. God had created humans and other living beings but did not stop at that. God encouraged us to invent so many things and cloning can be one of them. ...
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