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Security Intelligence

The powerful intelligence agency of United States, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was "created in order to encourage competitive analysis within the intelligence community and to ensure that policy makers did not tailor intelligence to suit their interests."2 An intelligence agency's function is to offer an international clandestine capability to endorse and protect economic well-being of a nation and to protect from internal turmoil. Historians have only recently begun to investigate the role of intelligence and intelligence services in the formation and implementation of political, military, and economic policies which enrich, in many cases change, our understanding of personalities, events and decision making process.3 An analysis of the history of intelligence agencies reveals that there were many instances of involvement in democratic infringement activities. ...
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The history of power specialising in suppression dates back to Spanish Inquisition and the culture of the Renaissance throughout Europe. "The concept of repression concerns not only political ideas but also embraces ideology and personal conduct, religion, philosophical thought, sexual behaviour and other areas as referred to in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."1 Repressive transitions may take place through negotiated changes, national reconciliation, or reinstating of democratic process…
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