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This ad is written for a television commercial, and applies to the Conservative and Traditional Affiliation Party’s desire to uphold moral and ethical Christian values as far as abortion is concerned. …


This ad is written for a television commercial, and applies to the Conservative and Traditional Affiliation Party’s desire to uphold moral and ethical Christian values as far as abortion is concerned. The television commercial opens with a shot of a very attractive and beautiful newborn infant, in a crib. The first shot of the baby and the baby moving in the crib is presented in black and white, in order to emphasize the very cut and dry nature of the abortion debate. The baby is awake, kicking and moving around, symbolically representing the fact that the child is full of life. After a five to seven second shot of the child, text appears at the bottom of the picture, while the baby is still in full view. The text reads: Mary Anne Browning, born October 25, 2005. Nearly aborted April 21, 2005. Adopted after birth. After this, the picture of the baby disappears and cuts into a leading Senator in support of the party. The ad switches to color. He speaks out against abortion, saying, “Mary Anne was lucky. Her mother was talked out of an abortion by a Christian minister who decided to have the baby and give her a chance at life, allowing her to be adopted by a married couple who was unable to conceive. All babies should be given a chance at life. Abortion needs to stop.”: The Liberal Modernist Party believes that change in the world is inevitable, and as such, people must be given the change to make their own decisions and adapt to the world around them following their own choices. ...
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