International Political Communication and the September 11 Attacks - Essay Example

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International Political Communication and the September 11 Attacks

The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center prove the universality of the statement that nothing in this world is fireproof. Nothing, and absolutely nothing – is completely free from unprecedented terror. Today, the United States will vouch for that, as Washington has taken all possible damage-control measures to ensure that its people breathe easy. However, unforgettable times can never be erased completely – they can just remain hidden.
While the attack on the WTC on September 11 woke America from its complacency, what followed the attack is nothing short of incredulous. The attack affected not just Americans, but also those “millions of people” all around the world who had depended on America for a better life. Consequently, Washington had to answer its citizens – all of them. The visible damage control measures involved a steady deal of deliberation, a great deal of communication, and a massive amount of persuasion. America’s communication arsenal was put to the finest test – as the country had to answer to visibly all related parties – from citizens to trade partners. The damage was done – when two architectural marvels were torn down – but the damage control required America to sharpen its most potent weapon, and unarguably, the most required weapon – communication.
Indeed, intelligent and thoughtful political communication techniques were the only tools that could bail America out of distress. ...
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In the research paper "International Political Communication and the September 11 Attacks" the author attempts to look at the communication angle with respect to 9/11 attack closely.The impact of 9/11 was felt all around the world,and America has so far done a fine job in effective damage control measures. …
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