Role of Cooperation in Controlling Anarchy - Essay Example

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Role of Cooperation in Controlling Anarchy

Cowen and Sutter (2005) take on this viewpoint to argue that although collusion requires more cooperation than arbitration, arbitration requires more organisation than coordination.
Inayatullah (1997) provided a theoretical perspective on anarchy and cooperation suggesting that neo realism tends to rely on a negative interpretation on the theory of spontaneous order. Inyataullah suggests that institutions which emerge spontaneously tend to show some form of design thus design and human reflexivity indicate an overlap of intentions and outcomes. But how would a theory of order or disorder relate to international relations and where in the discourse can we place anarchy and cooperation as necessary concepts to define IR As Inayatullah suggests, the study of intended actions is an essential part of international relations theory and outcomes of IR focus on 'values' underlying theory and practice. Possibly this is where anarchy and cooperation become important within international relations.
Weber (1997) discusses the concept of hierarchy as it relates to anarchy within International Relations. ...
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This essay focuses on the importance of theoretical perspectives in explaining anarchy and examines the role of cooperation in controlling anarchy. Considering examples of health issues and other global issues, the exact relationship between cooperation and anarchy would be discussed…
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