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Alcohol Ban and Devolution

With 23,000 incidents of alcohol-fuelled violence each week with relevant elevated alcohol consumption trends (Leifman, 2001), the agency has proposed that existing laws are enforced to reduce the incidence of alcohol-related violence on the streets and on public transportation.
England's objective of reducing harm caused by alcohol misuse is recognised and focuses on the prevention, minimisation and management of the harms caused by alcohol misuse. These measures addressed in its objectives aims to identify alcohol misuse and the enforcement of existing powers against crime and disorder and promotion of responsible drinking. Under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (CDA98) and Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) the partnership of both agencies are held responsible in the consideration of crime and disorder issues in their own core activities that improve safety and security in local neighborhoods. Criminal Justice Boards and Youth Offending and the Drug and Alcohol Action Teams shall be a voluntary forum for coordination of local priorities. ...
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In a summary of public crime prevention, the British government has sought to explain how deviant anti-social behavior in a social perspective can be prevented. Alcohol and ethanol spirits are believed to induce the existent primitive nature of man and results to the portrayal of unacceptable behavior offensive to the civilized society…
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