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Powers of Prime Minister in Canada

Besides the traditional executive powers that have always been associated with the Prime Ministers of Canada, the same Prime Ministers exert a lot of control over the political party which elects him//her and although the Prime Minister is not necessarily the chairperson of his/her party, there is clear evidence that the Prime Ministers of Canada have always controlled their political parties in a number of ways. For example Right Honourable Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister is widely respected and feared in his conservative party where he exercises a lot of political influence and is the central force behind all the policies and position adapted by the conservative in regard to all major issues.
The Prime Minister of Canada is tasked with very crucial roles something which has led to the current debate on whether the Prime Minister's power are not "too much". As a matter of fact the Prime Minister is the leader of the party with majority of members in House of Commons. This mandates the Prime Minister to form the government, which is responsible for running the government affairs. ...
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Canada is a democracy in which the Prime Minister is elected by the people through an election process. Due to the mandate given to a sitting Prime Minister it is the prerogative of a Prime Minister to head the government. As such the Prime Minister is mandated to oversee the formulation of government policies including the design and implementation as well as ensuring that the government is answerable to the people of Canada who elect him/her to the crown.
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