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Can A Democracy Be Successful In The Arab World

The commentators often speak about unpredictable social effects that may occur as the result of the attempts to bring democracy to the definite societies outside. The example of USSR is a sample of such unpredictable implosion, when the reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev, integrated into the archaic society by force, resulted in implosion of the state. And such consequences may include not only radical shifts of the society; the other point is that if any kind of resemblance of democracy appears, nobody could foresee what it would look like in this definite society in future. The commentators cite Iran as an example of the point. It is evident that the necessary reforms should be carried out from the outside, by the government and with the help of legislation. However, nobody can say who is to convince the government of any Muslim country that the necessary changes are to be taken. (Turi)
The historical experience shows that the USA demonstrated rather careful attitude to this question in the past. Those who comment on the George Bush's speech on Palestine and its successful movement towards the democracy, as it established democratic government, state that he expressed the fear that other countries of the Arab world are likely to missing this point. (Ahrari)
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Obviously, the situation existing in the Arab world is not adequate, as it just means delay of significant changes in all Arab politics. The peoples that live in the Arab world cannot suffer infinitely, all the more they are provided with the possibility to watch on TV and estimate the western lifestyles, culture and civilization, that could be brought to them with industrialization and globalization…
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Can A Democracy Be Successful In The Arab World essay example
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